"Real, Relational, and Reliable" - FBWC Guest Quote

We understand that stepping into a new church for the first time isn’t easy. Our desire as a church is that we make your visit an enjoyable one. Here are some things that you can expect when you walk into the doors of FBWC.

Community: We often use the word "Family" at FBWC. That's because this is what our gatherings feel like. People come dressed casual and enjoy coffee as they socialize with each other at church. It doesn't matter if you have been with us since day one or if it's your first time, we believe everyone has a story and we can't wait to meet you and learn yours. 

Message: We explore biblical truths and practical Bible based principles that help you overcome challenges we all face. Each message is delivered with humor, love, compssion, and truth that is easy to understand for everyone. 

FBWC Kids: Our Kids' Ministry is centered around learning about Jesus in an exciting and energetic manner. Each kid will encounter Jesus through games, crafts, worship, and Bible teaching. We have classes for kids ranging from (0-5yrs) as well as (K-5th grade).

Worship: Combining modern worship sounds with a practical message, we invite you to join us in singing about Jesus and the love of God. Don't worry, we didn't know the songs at first either. That's why we have television monitors that will help you feel more comfortable and sing the words along with us. Our hope is that you enjoy the intensity of our intimacy with God during our worship time and that it leaves room for you to experience the mystery and person of the Holy Spirit.

Laying on of Hands: "Laying on of hands" is a biblical action, but not always necessary.  Jesus certainly laid His hands on many of those He healed; however, He also healed without laying His hands on people. Undoubtedly, the laying on of hands in the early church was a means of connecting the message with the messenger, or the spiritual gifted giver.  It provided a "sign" authenticating him through whom the physical manifestation of a spiritual gift was bestowed. We are careful to always communicate that there are no magical formulas for the ministry of the church. Laying on of hands has no power in itself. The Laying on of Hands is used with great consideration and only when it is done in agreement with God's Word.