"Our mission is To Lead People to a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ" -  pastor mark pecina


We are Christ Seekers 
Our first priority is the fundamental relationship of our lives – we need more of Christ and less of ourselves. We aspire to open ourselves to God’s heart renewal, so that He will re-make us into what we were meant to be – the image of Christ.

We are Community Builders
Just as God operates in deep community with Himself, He wants us to live in a place of safety, belonging and connection, where He uses our relationships to transform us. We aspire to build communities of growth and renewal at FBWC.

We are Called to Renewal
Because we are saturated with the Gospel, we want to follow God's calling to renew the fabric of our city by His grace. Emboldened by the love of Christ and bolstered by community, we aspire to be used by God to renew our neighborhoods, our city and our world by His love – just as He has renewed us. Faith builders has a simple call to love those as Christ loves us.