Growing Together

Connecting is at the core of our beliefs here at FBWC! We believe that life is hard enough to try to go through it alone, but these nights are focused to build friendships and talk through daily struggles in an open environment. This is a great opportunity to take your shoes off, relax from work, and enjoy some coffee.


BUDA: Wednesday’s @ 7 pm

contact us for directions


Whats the environment like?

This is a weekly gathering that is adult centered to discuss life's biggest challenges. We understand that it isn't always easy just getting through another week. That is why we want to provide a mid-week relief for you to be able to socialize, discuss, and grow alongside other people. Come comfortable and ready to be refreshed as you have the opportunity to learn from our Senior Pastor Mark Pecina in a family home setting. 

Is there child care?

Child care is provided for any of those seeking it. Let us watch your children as you get some time to yourself to be refreshed.